• Efficient Global Investing An Efficient Wealth Initiative

    Efficient Global Investing starts with independent, holistic financial advice
    It ends with the most efficient investment solution and global exposure.

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The most appropriate global product depends on your total portfolio size

Including cash savings, pension funds, annuities, retirement annuities, living annuities and all other investments

With independent, holistic financial advice, Efficient Global Investors are invested in the most efficient investment solutions, allowing them access to appropriate levels of global exposure. The most efficient investment solution and global exposure reduces risks and improves returns. Less volatility also means better capital preservation.


Performance (12/21) ZAR1M6M1Y2Y3YSince 2016
Naviga Global Equity Portfolio2.90 %15.16 %24.85 %45.35 %66.06 %86.96 %
EAA Fund Global Large-Cap Blend Equity4.44 %16.28 %24.67 %47.35 %68.01 %82.13 %


The primary investment objective of the portfolio is to deliver capital growth over the long term. This portfolio will invest predominantly in equities and has a flexible mandate with regards to the region, style and currency.


Performance (12/21)1M6M1Y2Y3YSince 2018
EFW Worldwide Flexible3.66 %6.86 %16.36 %33.77 %48.51 %51.04 %
(ASISA) WWide MA Flexible-5.55 %2.99 %9.62 %20.51 %36.32 %38.99 %


The primary investment objective of the portfolio is to deliver capital growth over the long term, while managing the downside risk. This portfolio has a flexible mandate which can invest in various regions, asset classes and currencies.

Global Structuring provides unique benefits, improving the returns of your estate over the long-term

Disclaimer: We only offer illustrative examples and do not offer any tax advice.

What is Global Structuring?

  • Global Structuring organises your estate through a global company and trust
  • The minimum offshore investment is R15 million

Benefits of Global Structuring

  • Enhances your return on investment over time
  • Mitigates the political and economic risks of your estate
  • Mitigates currency-related risks
  • Mitigates the impact of tax events on your estate:
    • Worldwide income is not taxed in your personal capacity
    • Estate duties do not apply to your structure
    • The effective tax rate of your structure is only 3%
  • Provides the flexibility to move abroad any time
  • Provides access to an expert team of dedicated managers and accountants